Transylvania’s SAB Reignites “Zine Queens!” for Women’s History Month

Image Credit: Student Activities Board

On Tuesday, March 19th, the Student Activities Board hosted an event in honor of Women’s History Month, “Zine Queens!” At the event, there was an informational presentation on the history of zines and a taco bar catered by Maria’s Kitchen and Bar. Students were able to look through many magazines that were donated from the Transylvania Library and Carnegie Center.

You may be wondering what a zine is: it is a multimedia print work that is created by folding a piece of paper into a book and filling it with images, words, poetry, and more. They are used to express important themes or messages but they can also just be silly and fun! Zines also have a history of feminism as well as being deeply involved in the “Riot Grrrl” movement; this supported women in being unashamed of their emotions and, in particular, anger. Zines were a stepping stone to intersectionality within feminism. They provided an outlet for all individuals, not just white middle-class feminism. Due to the amazing history of zines, they provided a perfect event for all individuals to come together and express themselves. This event served as a warm and creative way to celebrate Women’s History Month!