Student Government’s High-Flying Flag Competition

Image credit: Transylvania University

The Transylvania Student Government Association (SGA) decided to hold a flag-making competition for the student body here at Transy. Freshman Senator Will Hargis originally proposed the idea to SGA, who quickly approved it. The winner of the competition will have their flag design flown in front of Carpenter Academic Center as the official student body flag.

The competition has been ongoing since before Thanksgiving break, giving plenty of time for creative students to submit their flag designs. SGA approved a $50 Amazon Gift Card as a prize for the winner of the contest. One senator gave their thoughts on the project, saying “ It is awesome to see something like this because it allows students to express themselves.” Senator Hargis, when asked about his decision to propose this SGA-organized competition, said “I thought it would be really cool for the student community to come together by letting them help make the campus more beautiful.”

Submissions for the contest are closing on Tonight: Friday, December 8th. Senator Hargis is still hoping to see some more submissions before the deadline, so if anyone would like to throw in a last-minute design, please contact Senator Hargis at