Transy’s ‘OneTeam’ Hosts Spikeball Tournament, Bringing Students Together


On Sunday, January 29th, Transylvania’s One Team Hosted a Spikeball Tournament and invited the campus community to join in the fun. The organizer of the event, junior student Ysa Leon, took the time to discuss the event with me and shared their thoughts on its success, purpose, and more.

Spikeball is a unique, relatively new activity that consists of two teams of two “spiking” a ball onto a circular net. Despite the niche nature of the game, it has cemented its popularity on Transy’s campus, and Ysa could see the excitement surrounding it. The sport is “easy to learn,” stated Leon, making it appealing to those who are new to the activity. “While we didn’t have a huge turnout, the event was a success. We had fun together and brought new members into our club.”

This isn’t the first time that OneTeam has brought students together with fun activities. In the past, events such as trivia and bingo have been tools to gather the student body of Transylvania. While these are fun events to be a part of, Leon highlighted that the true goal of OneTeam goes beyond fun and focuses on community and connection. “One Team is Transy’s only student organization by and for queer athletes and allies,” they stated. “We hold events. . . in hopes of making our campus more educated on the issues that queer athletes face.”

Ysa and the rest of OneTeam host meetings on the last Sunday of every month at 4 p.m.. These meetings are geared towards inclusivity and education on being a queer athlete, both on and off the field, and invite all athletes and allies to come. For more, follow @TUOneTeam on Instagram, or contact Ysa at

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