Auntie Mae answers your questions


Hello! My parents and I are fostering a dog named Eve. She is so cute! She is very shy and sweet, just like me. My mom and I love her, but my dad doesn’t exactly love dogs. He is just okay with them. He says that the dog that we already have is enough. Although, he did say he will think about adopting Eve. Anyway, I really like Eve and I would love to adopt her, but if we adopt her, my parents and I won’t be able to foster dogs anymore! And I LOVE fostering dogs! So what should I do? Should I tell my parents I want to adopt Eve and try to convince my dad to, or should I just tell my parents that I just want to keep fostering her?

Hello, firstly, I’d like to say it’s an amazing thing you and your family are doing! There are so many animals out there that deserve a loving home but just aren’t receiving it. In regards to your dilemma, my initial response would be to keep fostering, but if you truly love Eve and you can see her blending into the family and even eventually warming the heart of your father, then just make it official and adopt her. Who knows? Maybe in the future, Eve will convince your dad to want to foster again.

Hi! Ever since I started a new grade, I have gotten WAY too much homework! Every single day I get a lot, even on the weekends! I hate it. I can’t enjoy my life anymore because all I have time for is homework. I already go to school for the whole morning, why do I have to continue doing so much work when I get home and on the weekends? I don’t know what to do, if I just don’t do my homework, I will get really bad grades, and right now I have really good ones. And I can’t talk to my teachers about it and try to convince them to give students less homework because I am super shy. What should I do?

Hey! It’s agreeable that homework can feel like a chore sometimes, that’s non-negotiable. However, there’s a reason for everything, and that includes homework. With schoolwork, especially in college, it’s all about finding your personal balance. Here’s a suggested daily routine: Go to class in the morning, get some lunch in the afternoon, if you still have classes afterward, finish them off smoothly, go back to your dorm and rest or watch “Good Girls” on Netflix, go to dinner then go back to your dorm, or the library basement, and only work on the homework for the next day (small assignments only, do larger assignments and/or papers in advance) with your headphones in, listening to music. This way, you accomplish everything all while being well-rested and nourished! Also, consider working on homework with friends. Sometimes when you’re alone with a pile of homework, it feels worse than it is.

Hello. I am a VERY shy girl. I only have one friend at school! I really hate being shy. It stops me from doing so many things like making new friends. Last year was my first year at a new school and can you guess how long it took me to make just one friend?! 6 or 7 months! I really need to make new friends so I can sit and have fun with them during lunch and not have to sit alone when the friend I have right now doesn’t come to school. Do you know what I can do to get over my shyness and make new friends?

Hello, I know it may seem intimidating to meet new people but it really isn’t as bad as you may think. An easy way to make a friend is to talk to a neighbor in a class. Starting a small dialogue with them can lead to an easier and more comfortable conversation. Then ask if they’d want to hang out sometime and do the homework for that class. Another easy way to make friends is to get more involved in school organizations and clubs. Clubs naturally build a sense of unity amongst the members and it’s a quick way to build a social group.

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