Wake up Wednesday: a time of reflection and community

Photo by Taylor Mahlinger

Wake Up Wednesday, a weekly service of reflection, is held every Wednesday in Old Morrison Chapel at 8 a.m. While the event is rooted in Christian traditions, everyone is welcome to attend. This time of reflection includes scripture readings, prayer, and song, all led by members of the Transylvania community. Emily Miller, Director of Spirituality and Religious Life, wants this service to bring people together and create a space that stops time. “I find this campus to be a pretty busy one. There is always something going on! Which seems very ironic that I added another program. But, the point of Wake Up Wednesday is to come together and sit and reflect.”

Miller wants this carved out time to grow and enhance the community. Her “big hope” is for people to meet one another and become vulnerable by sharing prayers. Miller laughed and added “this event has served me too. I sit and reflect on my own life. Also, I have met staff I didn’t know.” Wake up Wednesday provides a space where all other obligations disappear, time slows down, and people come together in an environment filled with purpose and acceptance. The purpose, of course, is to relax and reset for the rest of the week. And how could you not when Housing and Residence Life provides snacks on the first and third Wednesday of each month?