Transy students to be featured in Studio 300


Do you know what Studio 300 is? To help those of you who were just as confused as I was about what this festival is and to better understand the scope of the annual music festival, keep reading. The Digital Art and Music Festival will be held on campus Oct. 3 and 4, featuring artists, composers, gaming developers, and more on the “online gallery,” through art installations and concerts. Contributors to this event are coming from the local community as well as international communities like Japan. Some of the performances will be in-house, online, and even at Al’s Bar called, “Late Night with Digital Al-Interactive Electro-Acoustic Music” that will include Transy students, Junior Adam Dees and Senior Emily Nance.

Dees, majoring in Music Technology, will have a piece featured in the performances at Al’s Bar on Oct. 3 starting at 9:30 p.m. This rendition of his piece, however, will be a remastered version catered to his live impromptu performance with dance-heavy and electro-house beats. Using a Novation launchpad, a 64 button device housing various musical patterns, he will “add a new dimension to his track.” Outside of Studio 300, Dees composes synth-heavy music with a retro feel.

Nance, majoring in Computer Science and studying Pre-Engineering, brings a different element to this festival. She will not only be featured in the festival with a song she worked on this summer which is on the “online gallery,” but will also be recognized for her contributions to a game she helped design this summer at her internship with Super Soul, a local video game design company. Artist and game developer John Meister will present ArtTalk 5, “Making Interactive Games Art: Behind Super Soul” on Oct. 3 from 3:00. p.m. – 4:15 p.m. in The Cowgill Center for Business, Economics, and Education in the DArt Lab 2, Room 006. Nance will also be presenting some of her animations during ArtTalk 5 from her summer internship with Super Soul.

So, now do you know what Studio 300 is? Well, if I can’t do it justice here, you’ll just have to go and experience it yourself! The festival’s schedule is packed with art installations, concerts, and interactive art pieces, including one called “Sonic Interactions in the Five Worlds Virtual Reality Environment” which is a virtual reality simulation set-up as part of ArtTalk 1 on Oct. 3.