Podcast: First Years Consider Life Without Forrer

Photo by Allison Spiver

The 2018-19 school year brought an unexpected surprise for the incoming first years. Forrer Hall, the dorm hall that every other class on campus lived in as first years, would no longer house Transy’s new students. This change was surprising, even to the first years who had made their peace with the idea of living in the old rundown building. Murmurings from older students suggest their disappointment for the first years never having the community building experience living in Forrer brought for them. While others thought it was unfair that the new students never had to suffer through the public bathrooms, tiny rooms, and mold.

Here, Lauren Hart, Taylor Ferry, Taylen Henry, Molly Uhls, and Bobby Payne talk about their own opinions on skipping the so called “right of passage” Forrer has been for years.