The election is a week away. Read candidates’ responses to survey questions.

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Courtesy of KFTC.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) has released their annual voter guide, with questions and answers from candidates for local and state offices.

The statewide grassroots progressive group, which also endorses candidates through its affiliated PAC, New Power, does not include the endorsements in its voter guide, which presents only the unedited, written candidates’ responses to a survey mailed out a few months before the general election.

Another voter guide, focusing especially on issues of land use and development, has been published by the Fayette Alliance.

Surveyed Fayette County candidates for office include the candidates for City Council for all districts, candidates for at-large City Council seats (representing all of Fayette County), candidates for mayor, Congressional candidates, and many others. Because KFTC is a statewide organization, other areas of the state have been surveyed as well.

A voter’s polling place determines their City Council and state legislative districts. You can find out what races are being held in your polling place—and where your polling place is—on, a website sponsored by the Kentucky Secretary of State.

Students registered at 300 North Broadway will choose between incumbent Councilman James Brown and his challenger, Anita Rowe Franklin, for District 1’s City Council seat.

“I value the voter guide because it provides comprehensive information about every candidate’s policies and principles,” KFTC member Mary Landrum wrote in an email. “I really appreciate that KFTC does so much research, and that they compile it such a user-friendly format.”

The 2018 election will be held on November 6. Polls will be open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT.

Disclosure statement: Rebecca Blankenship’s partner is KFTC’s organizer for Madison County.