Why Dylan Marron reads YouTube comments – and finds humanity


The Rambler is partnering with the Transy Creative Intelligence lecture series this year to bring you advance interviews with speakers. Dylan Marron will speak to students in Carrick Theater at 7:30 on October 8. 

Dylan Marron is the author of the podcast “Conversations with People Who Hate Me,” which he describes as “an experiment, to see what happens when two people with very different views of the world listen to each other.” He is also a voice actor playing Carlos on the podcast “Welcome to Night Vale,” and an advocate for issues of social justice as a video maker. His Tumblr blog and video series Every Single Word, and his interview series “Sitting in Bathrooms with Trans People” have gone viral online. He recently gave a TED talk on turning negative online comments into positive offline conversations.

I recorded a conversation with Dylan before his appearance on campus. Listen to the full interview here.