Campus Made Clear: Campus Parking

Photo by Gabrielle Crooks

This article is part of our Campus Made Clear series. You can read the whole series here.

If you want to park your car in one of the campus lots, you’re going to need a parking sticker. Parking stickers are $150 for all Transylvania students.

Those without parking passes who have parked in Transylvania University’s lots will get a citation of $25. Once a student has received three citations, the Department of Public Safety has the authority to “boot” your car, which means to lock your car’s tires so you are unable to drive it.

Money from parking stickers and tickets funds the parking revenue budget, which helps construct new Advance Access parking lots, light posts, and security cameras.

“We do everything we can to keep from giving citations,” Chief Gregg Muravchick says. “We, the Department of Public Safety, try to talk with the student about their parking before it gets that drastic.”

This also applies to receiving an invalid citation. If you feel the Department of Public Safety has wrongly given you a citation, Muravchick says to come to DPS and talk it through so they can evaluate the situation and determine the next course of action.

?Muravchick recommends those without parking stickers park on 4th Street or Upper Street, because these are lighted areas where there are available spaces by the curb for all citizens.

?There is a parking map accessible on Inside Transy that explains where you are allowed to park on campus and which parking lots are for which students. You must visit, click on “Public Safety,” “Parking Regulations,” and then “Parking Map.” This map cannot be accessed through Outside Transy. There are also paper parking maps available for you to pick up at DPS in Forrer Hall’s back lobby.

To purchase a parking sticker, fill out a form on Inside Transy by clicking “Public Safety,” “Parking Regulations,” and then “Parking Registration.” The cost will be billed to your tuition account.

DPS is available by phone twenty-four hours a day at (859) 233-8118.?