Rambler Weekly Playlist & Blog September 14th

Art by Moira Hedrick

Hey y’all! I’m Taylor, the new Managing Editor for The Rambler. I’ll be continuing last semester’s tradition of weekly playlists, along with a short blog on updates and events happening around campus. Every week will have a different vibe, so check back for some chill beats.

Arts Events

September-October, MFA Morlan Gallery

The most recent work by Claire Ashley, Jacklyn Mednicov, Susanna Coffey, and Maryam Taghavi is on display at the Mitchell Fine Arts Morlan Gallery! This exhibit was curated by Trevor Martin. The gallery is open weekdays from noon to 5 pm.

Tuesday, September 18th in MFA Carrick Theater @7:30pm
We’ll have a guest pianist named Sylvia Thereza who will be playing romantic piano literature by Chopin and Brahms!

Stay chill,