Rambler Registration Drive Yields New Voters

Public domain photo, obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

The Rambler held a voter registration drive with the Transy College Democrats on August 30 by first-year students to support voting. The Transy College Republicans, among other organizations, were invited to participate but ultimately did not attend.

The purpose of the drive was to help students vote, however they were able. Around two dozen students registered to vote for the first time, updated their voter registration to Lexington, or sought to obtain an absentee ballot from another precinct.

The deadline to register or to update one’s address or party affiliation is October 9. Kentucky residents, including Transy students who now reside in Kentucky, can register to vote or update their registrations here. Absentee ballots are obtained in Kentucky by contacting the County Clerk in the county where you are registered to vote.

The 2018 general election will be held on November 6.