Weekly SGA Update: November 8, 2017


Funding Requests—Nanhao Chen

  • German Club
    •  Maddie Lefler is requesting funds to purchase refreshments for German club interest meeting
      • $26.95 for German candies and cookies
    • Passed
  • Business Management Class Project
    • Students requesting funds to purchase refreshments for a community engagement class project
    • Writing letters of encouragement for mothers who are fighting for custody/about to lose encouragement
    • $52.39
      • Cookie dough
      • Boxes of ziploc bags
      • Rolls of ribbon
      • Greeting cards
    • Passed
      •  Established precedent for future funding requests from classrooms

President’s Report—Joseph Gearon

  • Crimson Christmas
    • SGA has a table
    • Crimson Christmas is where Transy hosts a Christmas gift exchange for students that signed up with big brothers and big sisters of the bluegrass
    • Ideas:
      • Crafting Christmas ornaments
      • Clear plastic ornaments, put paint in them, shake them up
    • Discussing the option of sponsoring a child- $40 total, would be $1.42 per person

Student Affairs—Mark Sirianno

  • Intramural T-Shirts
    • Working with Hunter to have a variety of different shirts for intramural champs next year
  • Printer in MFA
    • IT will not be able to pay for a new printer
    • Awaiting response from IT
  • New Pool table
    • Researching possibilities on re-felting the existing pool table or purchasing a new one
  • Placing Staplers on residential side of campus in the new dorms
  • Cell signal in residence halls
    • Looking into options to improve cell signal in new dorms

Academic Affairs—Lauren Gilbert

  • Faculty Appreciation Brunch
    • Sodexo is willing to give half off for all family members and professors who attend
    • Currently planned for a Sunday in Winter Term
    • An opportunity for us to say ‘thank you’ to professors
  • Senior seminar proposal going to CPC on Friday
  • Faculty Town Hall date is set
  • Proposal to change “Winter Term” to “Spring Term”
    • Vote to send to CPC
    • Passed – Sending to CPC
  • Honor Code Presentation
    •  Senator Settle has written up honor code draft
    • Intend to take concepts from draft to Dean Bryan on Friday