Changes to Campus

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As students start the new semester, there is always a sense of confusion for the first couple months as everyone familiarizes themselves with any changes to campus. The Rambler is here to help with that confusion.

Changes in Faculty

Provided by Kim Naujokas, Executive Assistant to the Vice President and the Dean of the University

New Faculty

  • Dr. Rebecca Hochradel, Associate Professor of Business Administration
  • Dr. Stephen Hess, Assistant Professor Political Science
  • Ms. JJ Wallace, Visiting Lecturer for Exercise Science

New Role at Transy

  • Ms. Missy Johnston, Interim Director of Theater Activities

Faculty Promotions

  • Dr. Paul Duffin, tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Gregg Bocketti, promotion to Professor of History

Faculty who have left Transy

  • Dr. Jack Furlong, Professor of Philosophy
  • Dr. Nina Barzachka, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Dr. Michael Dixon, Associate Professor of Theater
  • Dr. Sully White, Associate Professor in Theater
  • Dr. Saori Hanaki, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
  • Mr. Michael Sanders, Lecturer in Theater

Changes in Student Life

New Staff

  • Alexa Quiroz, Community Engagement Support Specialist
  • Amanda DeWitt, Education Outreach Coordinator
  • Maddy Frost, Assistant Director of Residence Life

New Role at Transy

  • Hannah Piechowski, Director of Student Transitions, Parent & Family Programs

Changes in Academic Affairs

Provided by Dean Laura Bryan

New Staff

  • Beth Carpenter, Librarian

Staff Promotions

  • Tracy Dunn, Assistant Dean, Center for Academic and Professional Enrichment
  • Ashley Coons, Associate Registrar

Changes in Locations

Old Morrison

  • Registrar: OM 100A
  • Center for Academic and Professional Enrichment: OM 100B
  • Student Transitions, Parent and Family Program: OM 100C
  • Financial Aid: OM 101
  • Student Accounting Services: OM 105
  • Center for Academic and Professional Enrichment: OM 107
  • IT: OM 109
  • Disability Services: OM 111

Hazelrigg Hall

Many members of the faculty have relocated their offices to Hazelrigg Hall due to the construction on the Carpenter Academic Center. Every faculty member’s office number can be found on TNotes.

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