Pioneer Leadership Program takes new direction


Transylvania University is known for being anything but ordinary, so it only seems fitting that Transylvania’s Pioneer Leadership Program be extraordinary as well. The program is described on Transylvania’s website as “a co-curricular experience that helps students explore leadership theories and develop a skill set and encourages meaningful engagement in campus and community life.”

New Director of Campus Engagement Hunter Williams is now in charge of program. Although the program is entering its third year now, with a new director comes change.

The goal of the program is still the same, to teach students about leadership through multiple sessions.

Williams discussed the positive aspects of the program saying that, “Each year, students go to sessions that really build on each other.” These sessions have a wide range of possibilities.

Williams described that in the past the program had mainly focused on theories of leadership and the discussion of these theories, but this year students are going to put these theories into action by getting involved in the community. Williams said, “There are going to be many great changes this year.”

The Pioneer Leadership Program is aimed at bettering each individual involved as a communicator, as a leader, and as a future participator in the work force. Williams stressed the importance of sessions in which the program will partner with Transylvania’s Career Services. Students in the program will be using these sessions to learn more about life after Transy as well as learning how to build a resume.

Williams also explained the new qualifications to be a part of the program. The Leadership Program aims to have participants that are well-rounded and engaged with their community.

“Each participating student must be involved in one other club and needing to be a part of the 100 Doors Mentoring Program,” she said

This year there are 18 freshman joining the Pioneer Leadership Program, one of those being Kenzy Moore.

“I’m so excited to see what we’ll get to do this year, and I can’t wait to see who I’ll get to work with,” said Moore.

Moore is just one of 18 freshman joining the 21 sophomores and juniors that are already involved in the program. Even though this program already has a great reputation, it is relatively new to Transylvania considering they are about to start their third year.

When asked about her expectations for the upcoming year Moore said, “I find it extremely interesting that we’re going to learn about ourselves and grow as leaders in the process.”

Moore discussed how her August Term professor Dr. Evans encouraged her to apply for the program. “Dr. Evans definitely saw the best in all of us. He really thought this program would be perfect for me and I completely agree.”

Those interested in applying for the program next year should have a level of enthusiasm for positive social change and have interest in engaging in the community.

“This is a very unique opportunity for students at Transy and I’m very excited about this upcoming year,” said Williams.