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by Chase Pugh

Welcome to this week’s edition of Cheers and Jeers. It was a big week with the Academy Awards, as well as Transylvania’s own Greek Awards. Transy’s athletic teams made history, the baseball team got its season underway and the recession has hit home with the faculty and staff at the university. Now on to this week’s topics.

Cheers to the basketball teams. For the first time in HCAC history, both the men and women’s teams from the same school earned the number one seed for the conference tournament. Everyone needs to show their support and head out to the Beck Center this weekend and make it one hell of a home court advantage.

Cheers or Jeers to tax season. If you get a return, then it’s a pretty sweet bonus. If you find out you have to pay $97 to the government by April 15, then you should find a better accountant to prepare your taxes.

Jeers to Kevin Rudolf. Jeers to “Let it Ride.” If I hear this song one more time, I think I might have an aneurysm.

Cheers to Heath Ledger winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Cheers to Cory Rash for defying the odds and surviving his 21st birthday. How he did it, we will never know.

Jeers to the pay cut for our faculty and staff at Transy. That really sucks. I bet our tuition still goes up.

Jeers to China and their tainted pig organs. Over 70 people have gotten food poisoning from eating pork with a banned food additive. China has an uncanny ability to make products that make people sick.

Cheers to Transy’s baseball teaming sweeping Centre this weekend. The second-best liberal arts college in Kentucky not only lost, but got destroyed 18-3 and 5-2 (in a 6-inning game called due to snow).

Jeers to Zac Efron. It probably arises from deep-seeded jealousy, but I hate anyone who makes that much money by taking advantage of little girls addicted to the Disney Channel.
That’s all until next week. Only one more week until spring break.

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