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Carey looking forward to time as president

Carey looking forward to time as president

Sarah Allison

Seamus Carey

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On Feb. 17, Dr. Seamus Carey was announced as Transylvania University’s twenty-sixth president. The President Designant will take over the presidency as current President Owen Williams’s successor on July 1 of this year, as stated in the university’s announcement of Carey’s appointment.

From his résumé, made available to the Transy community when Carey was announced as a semi-finalist candidate for the presidency, and the forums for students, faculty and staff he held during his visit to campus from Feb. 3-4, Carey’s administrative qualifications for the presidency have been readily discussed across campus.

However, his personal attributes – those that go beyond his role as Transy’s twenty-sixth president to speak to who Carey is as a fellow human being – have been less discussed.
Carey, to start with, is a large basketball fan. Originally a basketball player himself, he got re-involved in the sport when his son, James, started playing. James’s loyal following of the San Antonio Spurs even prompted a few family trips to Texas during the last National Basketball Association (NBA) season to watch them play.

“It will be exciting to be in a place where basketball is a big part of the culture,” said Carey of his family’s upcoming move to Lexington. “That will be an added attraction to coming here, for sure.”

Carey has also been impressed with Lexington’s dining scene.

“I’ve discovered that there are really good restaurants,” he said, “which is really good for me because my wife and I love to eat out.”

Transy’s proximity to the heart of Lexington – good restaurants and all – is one of the things that initially attracted Carey to apply for the presidency here.

“I love the idea that Transy is so close to the city,” he said.

Although Carey expressed excitement for his new position at Transy, he was also concerned for his family and worried about the large adjustment they will have to make in the move to Lexington.

“I think they’re sort of excited and sort of nervous and sort of sad,” he said.

Despite his concerns, Carey looked forward to beginning his integration into the Transy community.

“For me, it’s different,” he said. “I have an amazing job to come to every day… I’m really looking forward to getting involved in the Transylvania community and working with the people I’ve met here.”

In preparation for his transition to Transy’s campus, Carey has already thought about his role as president and how he can help our college community flourish.

In response to a question asking for the most important thing he wants Transy to know about him, both as a president and a person, Carey responded, “One of the things that motivates me the most in working in higher education… is, sort of, really deep faith in the ability for students to do amazing things.”

Carey cited student-faculty relationships as one of the most integral parts of maintaining a successful university.

“One of the most important things I can do is to try to help to create the conditions in which students can flourish,” he said, “and that involves obviously creating the conditions in which faculty can flourish as well, because the interaction between students and faculty is the reason these institutions exist.”

Carey also discussed his high ambition and sense of responsibility to the campus community as prominent motivating factors in his life.

“I feel [a responsibility] toward students and their families, because I recognize what a deep commitment and sacrifice it takes for students to be able to attend schools like Transylvania, and I feel a really deep obligation to do my best all the time because of that,” he said.

Carey expressed that once he takes over as Transy’s president, building relationships with members of the campus community will be one of his areas of focus.

“When I get here,” he said, “I look forward to having lunch with students and faculty and interacting with people just out on the campus, and going to games and events and shows and stuff like that.

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Carey looking forward to time as president