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by Chase Pugh

Cheers to the men’s and women’s soccer teams. They both won their HCAC conference championship and will be moving on to the NCAA tournament this weekend. Good luck to both teams.

Jeers to Christmas advertisements before Thanksgiving. There is no time that consumers should try to be persuaded to buy Christmas presents and decorations while they’re buying Halloween candy.

Cheers to No Shave November. Everyone should take part in this magnificent month-long celebration of facial hair.

Jeers to Kim Kardashian. I guess she’s famous because of her decathlon winning, bird look-a-like stepfather and a video of her and Ray J? Does anyone care about Bruce Jenner or Ray J enough so that Kim Kardashian warrants her own reality show? I don’t think so.

Cheers to giving and receiving high fives. The high five is a very versatile gesture good for hellos, goodbyes, times of celebration, and hell, even times of grief. Next time you’re feeling down, throw up a high five and see if you don’t feel better.

Jeers to Britney Spears. Apparently people in Australia will still pay hundreds of dollars to see her in person, but they could only last three songs into her set because of obvious lipsynching. Keep up the good work Britney.

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